Win a Deep Space Reflective Polypro Hoop from Hoop Tricks!

Win a Deep Space Reflective Polypro Hoop from Hoop Tricks!

Just to show you the level of awesomeness you are entering for, here is a demonstration of this hoop by our Hoop Tricks representative and sponsee, Rachael Lust! HOORAY!

The winner of this giveaway will be drawn on Wednesday July 1st 2015!


1. Correctly answer 3 questions about hooping (listed below). We would like to spread awareness about how helpful and resourceful our website is, so please use the website to answer these questions. Try using the search function to assist you.

*Please private message the answers to our facebook page or email them to Please do not share your answers or post publicly. Keep this fair and give everyone a chance to get to know our website resources.

2. “Like” and turn notifications on for our facebook page so that you are notified when the winner is announced, and notified when we hold our next giveaways:

3. Share this giveaway to the public, tagging the facebook page @Hoop Tricks. If you are struggling to tag, make sure you have liked our page first and try tagging again.

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1. What is one reason spinning poi can help you advance with hooping?

2. What is the “Car Camping”  flow festival that occurs on the East Coast of the United States in May?

3. What is one of the yoga poses suggested to help hoopers with back pain associated with practicing chest rolls?


*More information about this prize hoop and how it works can be found here:

All out of United States entries are welcome for this giveaway. However, an out of U. S. winner will have to pay shipping. Thank you!

You are encouraged to keep browsing our website once you have entered this giveaway. We hope you find us helpful and effective in helping with your hooping journey.

If so, please join our community of hoopers who receive weekly exclusive hooping tips & tricks, and get a FREE COPY of our "Top Ten Tips to Stay Inspired in your Hoop"

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