What Size Hula Hoop Do I Need?

What Size Hula Hoop Do I Need?

Knowing what size hula hoop you need is half the battle, the other half is finding out what weight, what color and what style you want! There are such a huge range of hoops available on the market today that sometimes analysis paralysis sets in – there are too many options so we take none as we are overwhelmed.

In this article I will go over picking a hoop in a step-by-step system so you can follow along with me while I show you exactly what to look for and how to get the right hoop that will help you lose weight, get fit and learn some amazing moves at the same time. Without further ado – let’s get you hooping!


Step 1. Decide What Level You Are At

Advanced, intermediate or newbie?

If you are just starting out and feeling pretty unfit and a bit overweight, you will obviously pick a different hoop to somebody who is already a fitness pro. There are two main types of hoops – ones used specifically for performance or exhibition, and ones used for weight loss and fitness. Sometimes the performance hoops will be used by people for exercise, but often the exercise hoops will never be used for performance.


The reasoning behind this is because the exercise hoops are larger and easier to use. However because they are larger, they spin slower around your body.  This is great if you are just learning, but if you are wanting to dazzle an audience with your incredible tricks, a slow moving hoop just won’t do it!

Performance hoops will normally be from 32” up to 37” in diameter, and a lot lighter than exercise hoops, often not exceeding 1 lbs. Most dance or performance hoops will be smaller than the 42”, but this is the max size they will be (unless it is an oversized novelty hoop that can be a few metres in diameter!).

Exercise and weighted hoops will normally always be between 38” to 42” in diameter, and will be from 1.5 pounds up to 4 pounds. Starting off with a really heavy hoop will be easier, but it can be a bit painful on your hips for the first few times.

After you have decided what sort of level you are at – hoop to step 2.


Step 2. How To Measure Up Your Hula Hoop

So you have decided that you are not a professional hooper yet and just want an easy beginners hoop? Great idea. Nothing would be worse than thinking you are a super hooper and then you find you really struggle to use that dance hoop you brought.

Buying an easy to use hoop means that you get the great fat loss benefits, you can get fit and learn all of the cool tricks. In all seriousness unless you plan on actually performing for other people, there is no real need to buy a performance hoop. You won’t lose any more weight with it or get fitter, it can just be used faster and looks more impressive.

When you buy a hoop – get a good quality one. They don’t cost too much, and you will seriously regret buying a cheap, nasty one. You never know what you might end up doing with it…

Now you need to measure up and see what size hoop you need. Simple measure from the floor up to about 3 inches above your belly button and use this is the size hoop you need. You don’t have to be super accurate obviously, but if you are really tiny then you will need a smaller one than a super tall hooper.

Here is a rough guide to getting an exercise hoop:

  • If you are under 5’4 then grab yourself a 38”
  • If you are under 5’10 then check out the 40”
  • If you are over 5’10, grab a 42”

For children, use the hoop guideline and get one that stands up between their belly button and their mid chest area.

For finding the right weight of the hoop, I suggest that you go for something between 1.5lbs to 2lbs. The heavier hoops will spin easier, but they can leave bruises the first few times which isn’t cool.


Step 3. How To Find That Perfect Hoop!

This is the fun part. Now that you have done some measuring and decided what hoop you are chasing,  you can go and pick the colors, the pattern and the store to buy from.  There are a couple of places I recommend on the home page to check out. Now that you have found the ideal hoop, sneak on over to my beginner tutorials and start to learn a few moves and get started creating that beach ready body today!


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