We have a new LOGO!

We have a new LOGO!


We finally after many YEARS have a new logo that we love!

We went through a couple designers and lots of different mock ups, some of which were ok.

hooptricks hooptricks3

………and some of which just made us laugh real hard out loud!

Hoop_Tricks_01 Hoop_Tricks_02

I know it’s ok to make fun of the above images as the designer will never read this blog……mwah hahahahhhahah!

I’m feeling really good about this new logo, I feel it captures the feeling I wanted to go for and I can’t wait for the stickers to get finished printing so I can stick one on my car! Which brings me to my offer for all our readers.

We are printing off 250 for our initial run and ONE of the stickers is special! If you get the sticker that says, “I WON” we will send you a set of Pele Fire Hoop Wicks! It’s that simple.


Buy a sticker below for $2.50 and you might just get lucky!


1 Winner will be announced on Instagram March 1st

 Please let us know what you think of the logo and any feedback you might have. We love interaction and connecting with you.

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  1. Congrats on the new logo! To be honest, I like a bunch of them, it looks like you had a few good options to choose from. Can you tell me how you went about hiring your designer? Did you use 99designs or Elance?

  2. I have a number of different graphic designers I hire based on what my needs and feel of the project are. One of my local friends created this logo for me.

  3. So cool to see the different versions and the different interpretations of a single idea. love it! Personally, I adore the simplicity of the one on the 2nd row, right hand side. It’s gorgeous! I also like the top one, but would like to see it a bit lighter so it’s easier to get the “Leonardo” inspired nod.

  4. Hats off on the new branding. It looks solid. I think you were wise to look at a number of different options. Maybe you can tell us a little bit more about the “feeling” you were going for with the logo. Help us get to know you better.

  5. The new logo is looking sharp! Represents your brand nicely. What it the main vibe you think your audience will get from it?

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