Jeremy Rand (AKA: Spacedragon The Clown) has been spreading his love for the art of hula hoop manipulation and other circus talents such as balloon art as a volunteer in his community. Volunteering your time, no matter how you do it, is a very honorable and rewarding act of compassion. Jeremy explains how anyone can get involved with volunteering their time and how he got involved himself.
Anyone can volunteer; it’s free and people love free stuff! It clicked for me to get involved since I want to be a professional clown. As a performing clown I can reach out to nursing homes, elementary schools, or hospitals, and explain that I’d like to go in do a little show, gain some experience, and spread some joy. I’ve struggled with many “invisible illnesses” since I was s child, and have always felt very passionate about spreading positive vibes. I really dislike seeing hate, bullying, violence, or pain of any kind happening so, personally I feel if there is anything I can do to “force” someone to smile (even for a moment) is a gift to my own soul. I’ve been a performer since I was a child; I used to do musicals, sing in the school chorus, and in high school I joined the school’s competition color guard team. I think that’s where I fell in love with spinning objects to music, and then around 2009 my friend introduced me to hooping. I remembered playing with hoops as a kid, and not being too bad at it either, but I never knew all the possibilities of it. Then a few years later I found Facebook groups and was even more blown away, and my drive to exceed increased so much.”


Spacedragon The Clown is a sponsored hoop performer for SuperNova Hoops and you can follow his flow arts adventures at these links:
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SpacedragonTheClown
Instagram: @Spacedragonthaclown

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