The Re-Birth of Hoop Tricks!

The Re-Birth of Hoop Tricks!

It’s been quite some time since we have posted any fresh content and I do apologize for that. Sometimes life just happens and before you know it almost a year has passed! We are hard at work re-building and re-designing the site to bring you more videos, more features and a whole lot of fresh content.

We are currently working on a new web design that will load much faster and be easier to navigate and find the things you want to see and read the most. Please be aware that the site my by a little glitchy and changing shape and colors as we get this all fine tuned during the next few days.


A New Vision

Besides a TON of free instructional videos, we will also be adding some fun new things that should captivate your attention. To start with we are creating a business section that is dedicated to teaching you the ins and outs of the hoop business lifestyle. have you ever dreamed about being a professional hoop performer? How about doing nothing but making and selling hoops? Does flying around the globe teaching others about the benefits of hooping and giving them some awesome new hoop skills and techniques sound good to you? Well, this is whats to come!

We will also be interviewing some of the industry leaders in the hooping world and finding out what has brought them success and why they do what they do. Hula hooping is not just a child’s plaything, as we all know, it is a way to THRIVE in life and create so much joy, both in yourself and in others around you.


Get Involved

Are you interested in being a part of the fun and being a contributing member to Hoop Tricks? We are currently looking for motivated, well spoken, and interesting individuals to add to what Hoop Tricks is to become. Do you love writing? Researching? Teaching hoop skills through video? Drop us a line and lets get a conversation going and get you on our growing team of Hoop Enthusiasts.


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