The Citiva Creationz Flow Family Collaboration Video!

The Citiva Creationz Flow Family Collaboration Video!

Finally, what we all have been waiting for! The collaboration video of the Citiva Creationz Flow Family! Featuring owner Jess Harmon and sponsored hoopers Shasta Stapleton, Ji-Young, Erika Collins, Nikki Osier, Melissa Stockwell, Alexis Collier, Felicia Holland, Monica Marie, Sydney Quick, Tiffany Hancock, and Ali Williams! 

All hoops featured in this video are colored polypro hoops made by
We’re also on Etsy!
Instagram: @citivacreationz

Songs in the video:
GriZ- Gettin’ Life (PureBells Edit) and The Floozies- Stuntin’

This video was edited and put together by Tiffany Hancock. Thank you, Tiffany!

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