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Body Turn Hoop Isolation

This is a tutorial for a move in which you hold the hoop vertically off body, and turn your whole body to isolation the hoop. This is a simple move that adds a neat...

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One Handed Double Hoop Isolation

In this tutorial, you will learn how to do a one-handed isolation with two hoops. In this trick, one hoop travels around the second hoop. She outlines the skills needed and steps to take...

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Isolation Sequence Tutorial

Deanne Love was dealing with hooping indoors on a rainy day, and made a tutorial for some hoop moves that are easy to do indoors in a small amount of space. She goes over...

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Hoop Tricks; Learn some isolations with your hoop. This trick is just a lot of fun to play around with and will start to give you a lot of control over your hand hooping...

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Hoop isolations

Learn do do hoop isolations. An isolation is a point in space that does not move, whether that is an actual object or an imaginary line. Grab your hula hoop and put your hands...

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