Before You Start:

Ask yourself if you want to make 1-2 hoops or if you want to make multiple hoops (perhaps for a hoop jam, class, or even to sell).

If your answer is one or two, your best bet would be to either buy a premade hoop or to buy an individual hoop-making kit from  If you’re looking to make multiple hoops, you can purchase coils of tubing at most hardware stores (like Lowe’s and Home Depot).  These coils of tubing come in various lengths (25 ft, 100 ft, 400 ft, etc.) Check out our Hoop Making Supplies resource page for where to buy all the supplies you will need.



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How to Decide How Much Tubing You’ll Need:

First, figure out how many hoops you want to make.  Then, decide what diameter you want your hoop(s) to be.  From there, you can follow a simple math equation for circumference:

Diameter of hoop  x  3.14 = length of tubing needed

^^This equation will give you the circumference in inches, so remember to divide by 12!

After you calculate the circumference of each hoop you’d like to make, add the total.  This will be how much tubing you will need. Remember to add a little extra, though, in case of mistakes!


Here is an example:

Let’s say I want to make three hoops.  Here are the diameters of the hoops I want to make:  36”, 37”, and 38”.

36in x 3.14 = 113.04in     113.04in/12in = 9.42 ft

37in x 3.14 = 116.18in    116.18in/12in = 9.68ft

38in x 3.14 = 119.32in    119.32in/12in = 9.94ft


9.42ft + 9.68ft + 9.9ft = 29ft

Therefore, I would need a coil of tubing that is at least 30ft.




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What You’ll Need To Make Your Hoops:

¾” 100 PSI Polyethylene tubing (aka black irrigation tubing)

¾ barbed coupling/connector

Pipe cutters


Tape Measure


Tips on Materials:


  • I always recommend ¾” 100 PSI polyethylene tubing.  The ¾” stands for the diameter of the tubing. For thinner/lighter tubing you could use ½” or for thicker/heavier tubing, you could use 1”.
  • In terms of hoops, the higher the PSI number, the thicker/denser/heavier the tubing will be.  I always go with a lower PSI such as 100.  When you get into the 160 PSI range, the hoops are much heavier and more likely to causes bruises.




  • Make sure you use the same size for your tubing and connecter.  For example, if you decide to go with the ½” tubing, you should use a ½” connector.   Also, you will need the same number of connectors as the number of hoops you’re hoping to make.



  • Although you can use whatever tape you want, I always recommend gaffer’s tape or hockey tape.  These two types of tape provide the best grip.   Gaffer’s tape can be ordered online from  Hockey tape can also be ordered online, or you can find it at local sporting goods stores.  Slicker tapes such as duct tape and electrical tape will work, but they won’t provide good grip.  Also, duct tape and electrical tape are prone to melting when exposed to heat or the sun.



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Time to Make Your Hoop!

Grab your tubing and use the tape measure to measure the diameter you want your hoop to be.  Mark the place where you need to cut your tubing, or simply hold your finger on that spot.

Next, use the pipe cutters to carefully cut your tubing.  Once your tubing has been cut to the appropriate length, use the blowdryer to heat one side of the tubing. It will only take a minute before the tubing is malleable enough to pop the connector in halfway.  Then, take a minute to heat up the other end of the tubing. Again, once the tubing is malleable enough, complete the hoop by inserting the connector into the other end of the tubing.  Let the hoop sit and cool for a few minutes.

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Once the hoop has cooled, you can begin taping.




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