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One of the most discussed topics in the hooping world is where to get your hooping supplies, whether that is hoop tubing, connector pieces, hardware, tape, etc. This guide will be a constant work in progress as new vendors pop up and we revise it with this info. This guide is also a community collaboration piece, so if you have a resource that is not mentioned on here, please share it with us using the comments at the bottom of the page.

Hoop Tubing

There are a couple types of tubing available depending on what style of hoops you are wanting to make. Some of the most commonly used hoop tubing is; Polyethylene, Polypropylene, HDPE We will cover each of these tubings in more detail below.

Polyethylene – Black, found in most hardware stores


Black Polyethylene tubing which is now commonly being referred to as “Weighted Hula Hoop Tubing” can be found at most hardware stores. You may also find it in large quantities from irrigation stores. Most common types of this tubing are 3/4″ 100 PSI and 3/4″ 160 PSI. Where to buy

  • US Plastics
  • Lowes
  • Home Depot
  • Other hardware stores

Polypropylene – Most commonly clear, although there are MANY colors available.


As Lara over at Superhooper says, “its a polypro world”. Most intermediate to advanced level hoopers are using polypropylene or “polypro” tubing, as it is light, responsive, quick and super fun to hoop with. There are two sizes available, 3/4″ OD and 5/8″ OD

There are a LOT of places to get polypro, from both large scale manufacturers and just about every other hoop store on Etsy. In an effort to be non-biased, I am only listing the places that people most often get their tubing. Sorry if you don’t fall into this category.


Where to buy

HDPE – This tubing is most often used for LED Hoops.


HDPE tubing is flexible, less prone to cracking and absorbs impacts well, it also come in a wide range of sizes, making it the #1 choice for LED Hoops.

Where to buy

This tubing is available from almost all the above suppliers, including traditional hardware stores.

Hoop Connectors

This section is broken down into two parts, polypro/HDPE and polyethylene Polypro Connectors

polyproconnector__43490.1385767177.1280.1280 CONNECTION1

Getting your hoop tubing connected to itself is a key to making a hula hoop….duh 🙂 Some people find a smaller size OD tubing to go into the larger size ID tubing of their hoop. Most polypro hoop makers use this method, though personally I am not a fan. If you want to know why, send me a message and I’ll tell you. The other option is to make or buy pre-made connectors. I know of two companies currently making polypro hoops with Polycarbonate connectors; The Spinsterz & Synergy Flow Arts Polycarbonate is a super strong, impact resistant, light weight tubing. You can purchase the raw material from a number of different suppliers, here is where I buy mine from;



People most commonly use the little grey connectors that are sold in the same isle where you bought your tubing. You can get them at pretty much any hardware store. I buy mine online from Hardware World.

Hoop Tape


(picture compliments of Hoopologie.com)

There are two main suppliers in the US that you can buy discounted tape from; they are Hoopsupplies and Identi Tape. They both have pretty similar prices and I wouldn’t suggest one over the other. I personally buy from Identi-Tape because that is who I have been going through for the past 8 years and I am a believer in loyalty.

There are many other retailers of tape to be found online, Gnar Hoops has some pretty cool tapes that I haven’t seen anywhere else, so does Hoopologie.

For those that are outside of the US, check out http://www.hooptapecanada.com/ in Canada and Fancy-Tapes in the UK

Hoop Hardware

You may be asking yourself what hardware goes into a hoop? Well, it all depends on how you make your hoops, but two of the most common pieces of hardware in a hoop are metal snap buttons and rivets. The metal snap buttons are the pushable clips you see in collapsible hoops and the rivets are what hold the connector pieces in place inside your hoop tubing.

There are numerous smaller hoop companies selling these parts, but I will only list the straight from the manufacturer resources.

Where to buy


That pretty much covers the basics of the supplies you need to build yourself a hula hoop. Did I forget something? Please let me know if you have other resources by using the comments section below.



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