Raindrops Hoop Dance by Emma Vaillant

Raindrops Hoop Dance by Emma Vaillant

Emma Vaillant performs under the name Hoopsomniac. She lives in Sarasota, California. Her performance page is facebook.com/hoopsomniac.

She is clearly enjoying herself, singing along, smiling, and showing the true essence of hoop flow and bliss. She showcased some impressive skills and this was a good example of balancing flow with tricks. She has a versatile, non-repetitive style and I didn’t get bored watching. The perfectly balanced light and neutral background made it easy to see her and her hoop. Her outfit was nicely chosen and the hoop was shining in the light. The video was recorded horizontally and she was an ideal distance from the camera. The space she chose allowed her room to dance freely. Lastly, the video was recorded and uploaded in high definition. Great job on your video!

The song in the video is Raindrops by SNBRN


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