List of Hoop Tricks Articles (Chronological)

List of Hoop Tricks Articles (Chronological)


Did you know that The Spinsterz has been sharing videos and writing articles since 2009, known through the previous website,! All that time has buried the oldest articles and there are gems just waiting to be rediscovered! The Spinsterz are currently in the process of moving all articles from to this blog location at The Spinsterz. Until then, here they are, from newest to oldest. Happy digging!

(Note: this article will be a work in progress as I add the names/links of the articles. I will start at the oldest and work my way forward, so keep checking back. Once the article is caught up we will keep it updated!)


The Echo and the Always – Go Easy- By Kimba Cooper

NEW! SpinFX LED Event Entertainment Trailer! MUST SEE!

“I Saw the Sign” Hooping by Lucille Schneider


Hooping Combo Tutorial: Cross Arm Fold – By Dagny Sanche

Hooping Tutorial for the Kick Toss with Jessica Juniper

Labeling Hooper Styles and Flow Types

Flowers for Pippin- By Jackie Gajda

Sunrise Hooping at the Brooklyn Bridge by Lauren Cook

“Cry Baby” Performance by Grace Good

Hooping in Budapest by Tal Fransky

Behind the Back Isolations with Variations by Betty Lucas

Berg Lake Trail Hooping by Dagny Sanche

Hoop Flow to “Slo” by Giraffage with Ebonie Quint

Advanced Thread the Needle Variation by Monica Marie Hoops

Hooping Tutorial: Ghosting Reverse Weave by Kayla Watson

 Park Play Hoop Dance by Natasha Braun

 List of Hoop Tricks Articles (Chronological) – Updated Often  …so meta

 Traveling the World with 4 Hyperion Hoops by Yanika Beliza

Hex Hooping at Burning Man by Amy Sargent

Hooping Tutorial: “Whirlpool Jump-In” by Donna Sparx

Brighton – A Hooping Paradise – Video by Nadiah Hoopflow

Goddess Machine Tutorial – Double Hoops – by Lauren Cole

What to Wear for Hooping

Raindrops Hoop Dance by Emma Vaillant

Tiana Zoumer’s Infinity Toss Tutorial

“Hoop Dreams” Video with Audrey Scherer

Nana Saeko Hula Hoop Act Video 2015

Sea Goddess Hooping by the Celestial Flow Tribe

Hooping at Dismaland! With Ji-Young (Philosokitty)

What Shape to Expect from Your New Polypro

YouTube Video Tips for Hoop Dancers

Ghosting Clover Hoop Trick Tutorial by Alisha Donnelly

Back to Hooping with Valerie Ross

Chest to Back Roll w/ Turn – Hoop Tutorial by Kassandra M

Elegant Hoop Dance to “Worthy” by Dancer Sarah Hargis

Male Hoopers – A Tribute and Collaboration Video

Sharing Hooping Content with Hooper Friends on Facebook

Free Flow on a Sunny Day with Philosokitty!

~~~~~ Section 19 ~~~~~

World Hoop Day: Sat. October 3rd, 2015 – Event List Inside!

Reverse Thread the Needle (Twins) Tutorial by Jasmine Kienne

Expectations of Free Lessons in the Hooping Community

Hoop Dance to “Feelin’ Myself” by Emma Bice

Hyperion Hooping at Shambhala 2015 with Sarah Schireman

Anna Fisher’s Impressive July Hooping

Viscosity- Pippin and the Sharmat groovin’ with graffiti!

Alien Moon Goddess Festival Performance by Katie Champlin

How To Hoop Like you Had Years of Formal Dance Training

Hooping to Kill Time in Japan with Tiffany Hancock

NEW Twin Hoop Tutorial by Jasmine Kienne! Down CAPS

Amazing Return to Roots Showcase with Kayla, Glo and Marcy

“I experience flow” vs. “I like your flow”

Impressive 6 Month Hoop Dance by Lauren Jacque, Age 13!

Hooping Tutorial: Chest Roll POP – by Alisha Donnelly

Topsail Island Hoop Dance to “Waves” with Michelle Wetsch

Melissa Stockwell’s Hooping Playlist – August 2015

Year of the Hoop – All 4 Seasons with 4 Hooping Icons

Deanne Love “Swirl and Sparkle” Hooping Transitions Tutorial

If you Love Dogs and Hooping, you’ll Love this Video

~~~~~ Section 18 ~~~~~

The Geometry of Hooping: Motion Blur Video by Adam Kelly

When the People you Love Don’t Love Hooping

5 Resting Moves to Catch your Breath During Performances

Colorado Rino Art District Graffiti Hooping by Anna Goodwin

Doubles Tutorial: Flower vs. Isolation – by Jasmine Kienne

Hoop Dance to Reggaeton by Rebecca Victoria

Rager Rabbit’s New Hooping Demo Video

July Hooping to “Hey Mami” by Sarah Gittleman

Introduction to the 3 Beat Weave Tutorial by SaFire

The Behind The Back Sweep Tutorial by Amy Greenley


Hoop Dancers in Music Video: Sapphica – I Would

Hooping and Weddings Go Well Together

Katie Emmitt’s Space Glow Flow

These are a Few of Hoopers Favorite Things…

Ali Padiak Hoop Dance with her Smart Hoops

Morgan Jenkins Hoops In “Peanut Butter Jelly” by Galantis

Rager Rabbit Hooping to Tipper with Amazing Art

Crywolf & Skrux Hoop Dance by Hoopsomniac

Ten Things to Expect When Dating A Hooper

~~~~~ Section 17 ~~~~~

4 Fun and Helpful Facebook Groups for Hoopers

Summer Hooping Demo by Alexis Collier

Hooping on Mount Washington with Brittany Marks

“I Don’t Have Time for Hooping”… Or Do You?

Serenade Hoop Dance by Alyssa Ross

Hoop Tricks Flow Prop “Like and Share” Giveaway!

Woodland Pixie Hoop Dance with Nikki Marchand

Carribbean Hoop Love with Amy Hoopsalot

Bravery Affirmations for Hoop Professionals

Tea Ingria’s Hoop Demo Video

A Quick Guide to Traveling with a Hula Hoop

Dreamy Hoop Dance by Melissa Hernandez

Hooping Weight Loss Can Take Longer Than Expected

Welcome to the Freak Show Hoop Dance Demo by Sarah Parker

Summer Hoop Dance with Emily Tack

Hoop Dance to “Watch Me (Whip/NaeNae)” by Jedarlyn

Electric Forest Mini Hooping with Ginger Alsobrook

Raising Your Hoop Dance Class Prices – by Missy Cooke

International Hoop Dance Collaboration – Summertime Video

Matchstick Factory Hoop Dance with Lainey Be

~~~~~ Section 16 ~~~~~

When Hoopers Get Ready to Go Out

Benjamin Berry & Katherine Callahan Street Art Hooping!

How and Why to use Tags with YouTube Hooping Videos

Ciera Savage Hoop Dance in the Moab Desert

Ashley Logan Hoops it up in Chicago

Aerial Emery’s Fantastic TurboFest Hooping

Don’t Take It Personally: Reacting to Performance Challenges

Hula Hoop & Motion Graphics Live Show with Silvia Pavone

Melissa Daly’s Tango Del Rey Performance in San Diego

Comparing Flows: Hoop Dance and Water

Brenmar – Hula Hoop feat. UNiiQU3 – Music Video Feature!

Hoop Dance by the Lake with Ebonie Hoops

Brooke Reckless Battles with the Winds in Mexico

Can Hooping Flow be Taught?

Psychedelic Multi-Hooping with Smart Hoops

Paige LaWall’s Cat Woman Burlesque Hoop Dance

Hooping on Mars

Home Flow’n with Ms. Tea’s Menagerie

How to find Self-Love in your Hooping Practice

Hannah West Hooping to the Floozies

~~~~~ Section 15 ~~~~~

Super Lush Hoop Dance on a Cruise Ship by Amy HoopLovin!

Impressive Hoop Dance by Tal Fransky

How Hoopers Get Sponsored

Kayla Marie Hoop Dances in Philadelphia

“Rock Concert Movements” Hoop Performance by Melissa Daly

Polycarbonate Hoops: A Comprehensive Review

The Girl with the Hula Hoop – Krisztina Toth

XO – I Love You Hoop Dance Video by Rachael (Riot) Folts

A Crowd’s Guide to Recording and Photographing Hoopers

Above Head Hand Spins Tutorial by Hila Peretz (Hila Hoop)

The Hoop Unit in Ocean Beach: Full Length Video by Steve Bags!

Dear Inspiring Hooper… A Letter from your Fans

Learn Outer Space Paddles and Breaks with Lisa SparkGirl

Hooping to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole with Tal Hadar

“Sacred Door” Hoop Dance Anthem by Juno Brown

Brooke Reckless Hoop Dance Flow to Dance Gavin Dance

Eastern State Penitentiary Hooping with Brie Mealey

Slow Down: Beach Hooping with Ana Isabel

Win a Deep Space Reflective Polypro Hoop from Hoop Tricks!

Hooping at Grizzly Creek with Ciera Nicole

~~~~~ Section 14 ~~~~~

Why Hoopers Should Try Spinning Poi

Tiffany Hancock’s Two Year Hoopiversary Video

Interview with Benjamin Berry

Fire Hooping at First Fridays with Gizzy Flowerchild

Mistakes to Avoid While Recording Hooping Videos

I’d Rather (Hoop) Dance by Alicia Dart

Skatepark Hooping by Megan Collopy

A Circular Journey of Self-Discovery

Paige LaWall – Mistress of the Hula Hoop

Take the Sun Away – Evoke Hoop Dance by Amy Hoopsalot

How to Watch Hooping Videos on YouTube in Slow Motion!

How to Learn the Elbow Pass (Behind the Back)

A Day in the Woods: Hoop Dancing by Michelle Wetsch

Annie Wheeler Hula Hooping

Hooping Free in Flow Space by Paige LaWall

Spun in the Sun! By Meghanicole

Hooping in Paris with Seva Haug-Baltzell

Meditation and Hoop Flow

Heli Menahem – Hooping by the Pool to Tipper

Sarah Schireman’s Beach Hoop Dance

Brianna McIlroy Hooping at the Little Beach

Odesza Hooping by Shanti Faith Evans

God Created Woman – Hoop Dance Collaboration Video & Interview

Nakamarra Hoop Dance by Ana Velasquez

Never Stop Hooping – Hoop Dance by YaYa Meghan

The Beginner Hooper’s Guide to Choosing Hoop Sizes

 Robin Gerlach – Hollaback Girl Hoop Dance

Getting Smooth Hooping Transitions and Preparing for Flow

Babz Robinson’s Newest Tutorial! – Footstart into Wedgie!

Anna Willis – Evening Hooping in the Sun

Alisha Donnelly’s Pizza Toss Tutorial

Philosokitty LED Hooping in Bristol

~~~~~ Section 13 ~~~~~

I’m Fire Hooping and I’m Freakin’ Out!

Hoop Tricks Giveaway – Scavenger Hunt #1

Hoop and Flow Festivals Across the United States

May Flow Playlist

Melissa Daly (albinoplant) 1 Month to 1 Year Progress Video

4 Yoga Poses for Chest Rolls

That Flow Feeling with Kristen Pilla

Alisha Donnelly – “Biggie xx floOow”

Andrew Ledford’s Counterpoint Dance and Flow Contest Video

Jasmine Kienne Enjoys a Beautiful Day Hooping

Hooping for a Cause

Tiffany Hancock’s Star Wars Hoop Dance! May the 4th Be With You!

New Pathway from Reverse Escalator to Wedgie – Tutorial by Frank Olmstead

Anna Goodwin’s Hoop Dance to Grillz

Ksenia Habarova Performs to “Centuries”

No More Cabin Fever for Yanna Lockwood

Be a Fighter – Hooping Inspiration by Rachael Folts

Danielle’s Genuine Hoop Dance Flow

Danielle’s Genuine Hoop Dance Flow

Ashley Drumb: Hoop Dance to Gnar by Bassnecatar

Lisa Lottie: Focus

~~~~~ Section 12 ~~~~~

How to Make Hoop Friends – 5 Tips for the Socially Anxious

Dear Future Generations: Sorry

Why Everyone Should Attend Hooping Workshops

Ashley Logan Gets LOW with her Hoop Dance

Hoop Movements: Arm Routine

Victim vs. Creator Language in Hooping

35 Hooper Problems

Melissa Daly – Most Elegant Hoop Camp Contest Video

Transitioning Between Horizontal and Vertical Planes

How to Make a Gyro Hoop

You Know You’re a Hooper When….

Leg Roll into Vertical Step-Through Tutorial

Hypnotize – Outdoor Hoop Dance by Ashley Logan

April Flow Playlist

Morning Hooping on the 360 Bridge with Jasmine Kienne

10 Ways Double Hoops will Improve your Hooping

Interview with Rachel Sullivan (Dances with Circles)

5 Tips for Double Hoops for Beginners

2015 Hooper Sponsorship Opportunities

Tips for Feeling Confident as a Curvy Hooper

~~~~~ Section 11 ~~~~~

Carli Jones Hooping for Her Dad’s Birthday

Galaxy Hoop Dance

Miami Hoop Dance on the Beach with Angelina Rose

Melissa Stockwell’s 3 Year Hooping Video

Monica Marie’s City Hooplah Video

An Alternative Method for Achieving the Chest Roll

The Benefits of Spinning

My Weapon of Choice – Performance and Speech by Lisa Lottie

Go with the Flow

Hoop Dancing at AZ Reggae Festival with Colleen Hurley

Partner Hooping with Ina Hoopina & Emma Kenna

Hooping with An Adorable Puppy

The World Through a Hooper’s Eyes: 10 Things That Change

How Did You Learn to Hoop?

MARCH MADNESS Hooping with Rachael Lust!

Branda Smeltzer – Cinematic LED Hooping Video

Jackie Adams – Blackmill Hoop Dance

Bonnie Brown’s Beautiful 32 Weeks Pregnant Hooping Video

Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki Hooping!

Pheonix Smart Hoop Ninja – Rachael Lust

~~~~~ Section 10 ~~~~~

“Looking for That Flow” by Philoskitty

“Spit That Fire” – NEW Music Video with Hoopers!

Body Art Hooping at Konnexion Music Festival

She. Just. Knows. Hooping Video by Taylor Impens

Fire Contact Staff Hoop Performance by Linda Farkas

Morning Desert Hooping by Laura Weimer

“Types of Hoop Dance” Demonstration Video by Mariam Fantastic

Not Feelin’ It? Keep Up That Momentum

Dat Shite Cray – Isopuppy

 Sky – Flow Artist – Hooping to Bonobo

Why There Are So Many Talented Hoopers

Mermaid Under Water Hooping with Ali Padiak

Hooptown Hotties: Parody of Beyonce 7/11

“Hula Hoop from Hawthorn” Performed by Linda Farkas

Chest Roll Into Vertical Chest Hooping Tutorial

Cascading Isolations & Folds Tutorial by Katie Emmitt

“Etereas” with Tiana Zoumer and Brecken Rivara

“Do That Hula Hoop” Music Video

Hooptown Hotties: BANG BANG HoopDance

Anna O’Connor – Hoop Tricks Video Feature

~~~~~ Section 9 ~~~~~

Jessica Packard – Circus Play and Practice

Cupid’s Hula Hoop – Valentine’s Day Video

How to Correctly Enter Facebook Hoop Giveaways

An Important Ingredient for Hooping Success

Quiz: What’s Your Signature Hooping Trick?

We have a new LOGO!

Adults and Kids Hooping Together – Priceless Photographs

Recycle Those Hoops! What to Do with Your Unwanted or Broken Hoops

The Down Low on Street Performing Part II

“I Can’t Hoop” – Why You Only THINK You Can’t…

Too Nervous to Attend a Hooping Class? Read This!

Love Your Whole Self for Better Health

The Miraculous Ways Hooping Can Change Your Life

Intro to Headstand Foot Hooping

So You Did Not Win a Social Media Contest…

The Down Low on Street Performing

Used Hoops: Buying, Selling and Shipping

Hoop Witchcraft – Information and A Spell

How To Start Teaching Basic Hooping Classes

HoopingLIVE Is One Amazing Webcast

~~~~~ Section 8 ~~~~~

Hooping Healthy – Before and After Photos!

Hoopers: The Dying Breed

The Value of Hoop Instructors

My Fateful Encounters in Hooping

Hoopers and Social Media: The Ups and Downs

Ice Bucket Over Hoopers

Blown Away by Hoopfurthur’s Bohemian Rhapsody Video

For the Love of Hooping

Hooper Bloopers: Messing up is Part of Success!

Hula-Hoop Shopping Tips

The Science of Willpower and your Hoopdance

Hooping Improvement Tip: Taking Notes

Quiz: What’s your Flow Prop?

How to be a BAD Hooper

Step Away From The Hoop!

Hooping Etiquette: How to Mind Your Manners with Hoopers

10 Reasons Why Hooping is Actually Mature and Not Childish.

One Simple Hooping Term for Achieving Instant Results

Ten Reasons to Date a Female Hooper

5 Reasons Why Hooping would make an Excellent College Course

~~~~~ Section 7 ~~~~~

Intermediate/Advanced Trick Flow Combination

Tutorial for The Flipsy-Doo!

How to Transition from Big Hoops to Small Hoops

Hoopers Traveling Around the World: Photographs

How to be a Good Friend to Hoopers

Why Your Flow’s Off

~~~~~ May/June 2014 ~~~~~

Be Careful What you Wish For: Making Money from Hooping

Tutorials vs. Classes – Why Lessons Are More Effective

Make a Hoop Troupe: 10 Steps

Pride Week Performance of Hoop Dance

DIY Hoop Fashion

Hooping During Pregnancy: Real Hooper Stories

Beginner Hooping Trick Combination/Flow Sequence

Yoga for Hoopers

Dreaming Colours~ hooping by Paola Berton

Tutorial: Picking the hoop up from your knees

Hoop Help 101 ~ Collapsing and Coiling Your Hoop

How Hooping Improves Self-Confidence

The Hoopers of Scamp

Patience, Practice and Perseverance Equals Progress

Hooping Tips I Wish I Knew Sooner

Five Foods Hoopers Should Eat

Sacred Geometry and Hooping – Interviews

Dylan T. Bradley Fire Dancing Expo 2014

20 Misconceptions about Hooping That Aren’t True

Ayumi Mitake Hoop Dance

Michelle Clark Hoop Dance Performance

~~~~~ March/April 2014 ~~~~~

Progress Through Practice and Play: My Four Year Hoop Journey

Encouraging Friends in Your Pursuits

Hoop Tutorial: Walk the Dog + Vertical Step Through

Find Love Through Hooping

Hoop Tutorial: Escalator + Wedgie

My Hooping Skills Learning Style

Hoop Tutorial: Hand Spin + Horizontal Jump Through

How to Build and Foster a Hoop Community

Hoop Tutorial – Sequence: Circus Start, Body Wrap, Revolving Door, Hinges

I’m Breaking Up With My Hula Hoop

Hooping Videos: The Importance of Recording Yourself

Sustained Spinning

How To Decide on Hoop Sizes

Health Benefits of Hula Hooping

Dori Harkin’s Hoop Rap – How it was created

~~~~~ February 2014 ~~~~~

Hoop Knowledge 101 ~ Hoop Size Fitting

Store Bought Toy Hula Hoops: Advantages & Disadvantages

UniA Practice Sesh

LED Hoops: HDPE or Polypro?

10 Examples of Hoop Geometry in Nature

Shoulder Hooping Assistance Tutorial – Paddling

I Can’t Hula Hoop!

Basic Hula Hoop Tutorial – The “Front to Back” Move + Motivation Tips

Basic Hula Hoop Routine for Beginners – Start Here!

How To Do The Bump – Basic Hula Move

Make money as a Hoop Dancer!

Hooping for Fitness and Weight Loss

~~~~~ January 2014 ~~~~~

History of Hula Hooping

What Size Hula Hoop Do I Need?

Types of Hoop Tubing

How do I know when I am ready to start performing?

Hooping: What to do in the Winter Months

Isoflower Hoop tutorial with variations

2 Hula Hooping Weight Loss Tips

*Mitra Hoop* Performance Dance and Art

Illumination Hoop Dance

What Does It Mean to Hula Hoop: Types of Hooping

How to Find Grace, Flow, and Fluidity

MichelleBelle RAW Hoopdance Performance Art

It takes two~ Acrobatic Partner hooping

Beginner’s Guide to Fire Hoop Safety

~~~~~ 2013 ~~~~~

How to make basic Hula Hoops

Hoop Wonderland

How to Re-Size your HDPE or Polypro Hula Hoop

Mad Circus Gala

The Hoop Wedgie!

Thread the Needle

Dandelion Dreams

Flow & Happiness

How to Fix a Wonky/Crooked/Wobbly/Non-circular Hula Hoop

Pick Up the World ~ Hoop Trick

Where to buy hula hoop supplies

Hoops for the Holidays: Why Hoops Make Great Gifts

How to Choose an LED Hoop That’s Right For You

How to Start a Local Hoop Jam

Eat Chocolate and stay in shape

Making Money Selling Hoops Online; Part 1

Hooping around the world

Have you listened to Wildlight?

Chest hooping for beginners

Hoop Workout with Gnar Hoops

The Re-Birth of Hoop Tricks!

Beginner Chest and Neck Roll

Single Hoop Jump Through

~~~~~ 2012 ~~~~~

Partner Hooping

~~~~~ 2011 ~~~~~

Trembling Hoop

Spiral demo reel

Hoop kick up and catch

Hooping basics: how to keep the hoop up

How to hula hoop: stretching

Learn to hula hoop: lesson 1

Learn to Hula Hoop: lesson 2

Whip Whap Wiggle Walk

Brecken and Tiana Hoop Performance Mexico City

Nick Broyd – Bristol Styleeee!

Shakti Sunfire’s Performance — Hoop Convergence 2011

Body Turn Hoop Isolation

Across the Chest Hoop Roll Tutorial

Raven the Wicked’s Demo

Thread the Needle with Hoops

One Handed Double Hoop Isolation

Isolation Sequence Tutorial

Poi Hooping: Reverse Behind the Back 2-beat and 3-beat Weaves

Mini Hoops, Poi style- Extended Reels

Continuous Knee Reversal with Hoop Tutorial

Poi Hoop Tutorial – Butterflop

Horizontal Cateye with Hoop and Unit Circle Theory

Brecken Rivara Demo

Three Beat Weave with Hoops

How to make a high performance Polypro Hoop

Flow arts

~~~~~ 2010 ~~~~~

Horizontal elbow roll

Shoulder Hooping with a POP!!

Learn the Behind the Back Pass(another version)

How to build a collapsible fire hula hoop

Learn how to Hoop on your foot

Learn how to do the Booty Bump

How to make a Collapsible Hoop

Continuous Spinning Shoulder Duck-In

hula hoop knee stall/reversal

Ankle carry hand off

~~~~~ 2009 ~~~~~

foot carry to chest hooping

Duck in from behind the back

Raise the hoop

Shoulder toss

Brecken at Symbiosis o9′

shoulder back roll

Elbow Transfer

jump out

How to do a back roll


Vertical Step Through

Start the hoop on the floor

hoop on your foot

How to hoop at your knees

Revolving DoorDuck in

Hoop isolations

playing with open space

twin step out

one shoulder hooping

Barrel Rolls

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