Learn the Behind the Back Pass(another version)

In this video she is starting the trick Hooping with her Left hand above her head in a clock-wise direction. Make sure your Hoop is in a flat plane as it is spinning over your head. You will be using your RIGHT hand to “catch” the Hoop as it comes around your back. Your RIGHT hand should be to your side, just at your waist.  As you begin the trick, lower your Hula Hoop and aim it to go Behind your Back. You’ll feel your elbow sicking out, that is where it’s supposed to be. Now your Hoop is (or should be) behind your back; you will then gently toss your Hoop from your LEFT to your RIGHT hand, keeping your Right hand by your waist is helpful. Just remember that your Left hand should come around your back as much as possible to be able to “deliver” the Hoop to your Right hand. Once you pass it you can spin the Hoop out in front of you, like in the video. Or put the Hoop back on your body and raise it up over your head and begin the trick again.

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