Learn how to Hoop on your foot

An easy way to learn to Hoop on your foot is to lay down on your back, put your leg up(in this video she is using her Left foot to start and actually HOOPING on her Right foot.) Put the Hula Hoop on the top of your Left foot and next put your Right foot INSIDE your Hoop. Hold onto your Hoop with both hands and use your hands to position your hoop where it needs to be.Your hands will guide your Hoop first, then your Left foot will start the trick. Both of your feet are going to work together to get the Hoop going in the counter-clock wise direction.You will “push off” with the Left foot and will begin Hooping on your Right Foot! You’ll see that most of the movement is in your foot, and ankle, not really using your leg. You will need to be able to hold your leg up for a bit though! Sneak your other foot up your leg and switch feet. Going back and forth a few times is the way to get really good at this!
The other 2 ways to Learn how to Hoop on your Foot is to have the Hoop spinning on your hand, lay on your back(or begin on your side) and “steal” the Hula Hoop from your hand and put it on your Foot.

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  1. This is awesome! Thank you so much. I have been trying it but using my leg more than my foot! Off to try it using your tips! Thank you!!!!

  2. can you clarify? Is the foot moving only back and forth, or is it moving in a circle? Thanks!

  3. mostly just back and forth, but the natural circular motion of the hoop will cause your foot to also go in a circle.

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