Ice Bucket Over Hoopers

Ice Bucket Over Hoopers

More likely than not, You have heard of the ice bucket challenge for ALS.

What, is ALS exactly though? What has it got to do with hooping?

ALS is a heart-breaking disease where motor neurons degenerate. It begins with the victims losing feeling in their muscles and processes into not being able to move, talk, or even breathe on their own. It’s a slow and terrible way to die.

While the disease may be well-known, research for a cure is ¬†underfunded; it is not considered profitable, since it isn’t a common disease.

Reading more into the ice-bucket challenge, I wanted to do my part in spreading awareness in a different way. A way that will touch the heart and help show what ALS actually is.

Because ALS attacks the muscles first, think about how a hooper may feel if they were diagnosed with this illness. Imagine how devastating it would be to slowly deteriorate and never be able to hoop again.

Pattie Beller

Pattie is a dance teacher who founded Beller Dance and Gymnastics. She spread the love of dance to hundreds of students in her 56 years of practice. Even though Pattie isn’t a hooper, she embodies the giving, unified nature of hoopers and dancers alike.

I have an ALS challenge for all the hoopers and flow artists reading this. To spread awareness in a different way, post a video of yourself flowing to your favorite song. Before you begin, simply say, “For Pattie Beller”. Tag ¬†and mention ALS ice bucket challenge in your post. If you can think of another way you would like to use hooping to spread awareness about this cause AND spread awareness about hooping, that works, too!

Let’s try to spread awareness in our flow-way! For more information about Pattie you can click this link:

Love and light, my darlings!

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