Hoop Tricks Giveaway – Scavenger Hunt #1

Hoop Tricks Giveaway – Scavenger Hunt #1

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Do you want a chance to win a brand new hoop from The Spinsterz? Just answer these 8 short questions about the content on our website! Winners will be randomly drawn on June 5th, 2015.

There will be 3 winners chosen! Each will get one of our Entry Level colored Polypro hoops in 5/8″ or 3/4″! Click here to see them: Entry Level Polypro Hoops

Rules and how to submit your answers to be entered:

– Do not post or comment your answers, as others might copy and paste your answers and take credit for them as their own.

– Please do not share your answers with your friends. This is a fun game with simple requirements, and we would like it to be fairly played.

Please submit your answers to one of the following places. We will respond to you and let you know when your answers have been received.

1. Private Message The Hoop Tricks Facebook page – www.facebook.com/hooptricks

2. Email Melissa at melissa4372@gmail.com

Scavenger Hunt Questions:


1. Where is the “Search” function located on www.hooptricks.org?

Hint: use this search feature or search through categories for the remainder of the hunt.


1. The 4th tip on the list of ways to make hoop friends when you have social anxiety

2.  The third tip on the list of ways to correctly enter facebook giveaways for hoops

3. The number of tips included in the article for shipping, selling, and buying used hoops

Featured Videos

1. The month, day, and year that the video and interview about Egypt was posted and who was interviewed

2. The name of the hooper who called the hula hoop their “Weapon of Choice” in an article posted on March 29th


1. Please use the hints provided for this question! 🙂 What is the on-body to off-body trick that helps you transition from the horizontal plane to the vertical plane? Hints: Posted in July 2014 and can be used to get out of breaks or get out of shoulder hooping.

2. Who made the double hoop tutorial that was featured on February 26, 2015?


Please do share this link to this scavenger hunt with your friends so they can enter, too! 

Also, follow us on Instagram! @hooptricks_org


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