Go with the Flow

Go with the Flow

Last night my girlfriend Abbi Doyle (who makes fantastic clothing by the way! Check out her growing Etsy shop, Prasarita Designs) said something to the effect of, “what if you made a sticker with a bunch of flow artists on it that said ‘flow artists go with the flow’?” and I thought that was a pretty rad idea.

I quickly grabbed a few images, went on Fiver.com and requested a gig from someone to turn it into a sticker and violla, a few hours later the sticker was born! I put it on Instagram and Unity of the Hula Hoopers to get feedback on which design people like better. After 12 hours of comments it seems that BOTH are liked equally well.

So we decided to offer both stickers, so each of you can get the one you liked the most! Just click below to order the one you like and you will have it in your hands within 7 days.

(please note that the stickers say “a” and “b” on the below image ONLY. The stickers are NOT printed with the letters a and b.)




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