Dandelion Dreams

On a beautiful winters day hooping in the sun and in between the magic of nature, the voice of a 12 year old girl urges us to care for our ONE planet. The music is the instrumental version of Action Bronson’s “bird on a wire”. In the end you realize this perfect hoop world was only a dream. This is a self-edited video of ISOPUPPY in her hometown in seaside CA.

“The frog pond is a beautiful mysterious place that I loved exploring when I was a child. On a trip back home I decided to visit this sacred place to see it had been taken over by beautiful dandelions. THIS IS MY TRIBUTE TO THE EARTH my only hope is that one-day we can all work together and save our planet. I have made it my mission to spread the hoop love and the sacred power of the Circle. Please be conscious of the world we live in this message is very dear to my soul we are all a family seven billion strong and together we can make a difference….. We must ALL DO OUR PART.

Could not find video – URL was not included. – Melissa

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