Hoop Tricks is made up of guys and gals just like you who eat sleep and breath hooping on a daily basis.

We are a dedicated bunch of hoopers that are doing our best to bring you relevant and useful content on a daily basis so that you can learn and become the best hooper you can be!

We aim to help you with everything from getting started hooping to helping you soothe the burns around your waist after 40 consecutive minutes hooping for speed!

In all seriousness, we want to help you progress in all aspects of hooping from learning some basic moves and advising you on the best (and keeping you from the worst) products in the marketplace today, to advanced tricks and giving you some tips if you have any business to do with hooping.

When I first formed this website (my name is Brandon by the way, think I forgot that above!), I decided that I wanted a thriving community.

I did not want just another website amongst the walking dead, lifeless sites subsisting on the net.   This is what makes our site different, we actually care about you!

We are real people who actually hoop because we LOVE it, not because it is our job or someone else told us we had to.

We want you to come back and give us your ideas for articles and tutorials, because if you have an idea, there is a huge chance that other people want the same thing! Although we normally crank out stuff quite regularly, your ideas are hugely valuable to us and we love to hear your thoughts, even if it is just a blog comment to say hi :)

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Why This Particular Site?

One of the main reasons I started this site was passion.



See, I am not much of an internet, computing, online guru dude, but I have a ship load of experience with all things hooping, business, and people were regularly asking me for help. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to help – but when you are explaining the same things all the time it can be hard to remember who you told what to!


I decided that the only logical thing to do was to make the information I had, freely accessible to others by going online.


After a short time, I found that our community had outgrown my ability to keep up with everything so I have snagged a few other hooping fanatics to help me out. They help to keep the site overflowing with great content, tutorials,epic pictures and all the other crazy endeavors we pursue here.


I didn’t set out to be any sort of big shot or claim I am somebody famous, I just wanted to put my experiences and knowledge out there to help. Now our community has grown substantially.



What Can We Do For YOU?

Here are just a few of the things we can help you with on this site. If you think there is something else you would love to know about, PLEASE, get in touch! We love to hear your feedback!


  • Hula hooping for beginners – literally everything a beginner needs to start
  • Tutorials on just about any sort of trick you can imagine
  • Epic performance videos to inspire you (some day I will upload some of the colossal failures as well just for a laugh!)
  • Reviews on different hoops (it is essential you know which one to pick as a beginner otherwise you will end up seriously frustrated)
  • Hot off the press content straight to your email – just plug in your details into the box at the bottom of this page and I will send you the relevant info you choose
  • Help if you are in any sort of hooping business (I’ll need a big calculator to figure out how many years experience I have)
  • A wicked gallery of pics to showcase some of our readers hooping in odd places
  • Making your own hoop – this is a topic that was seriously popular


Probably the best thing for you to do now would be to jot down your first name and email in the box just below and let me introduce myself properly. I will explain everything in a bit more detail than here and possibly throw in something for free that will be a big help to you.


Stay in touch with the latest updates, oddities and craziness by entering your details and let’s get hooping!

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