A Hooper’s Guide to Festival Preparation

A Hooper’s Guide to Festival Preparation

Even though festival season is coming to an end for 2015, we wanted to help you get familiarized with planning for next season!

The tickets are purchased. The outfits are primped to perfection. The squad is assembled, everyone has been practicing their flow art, and the lineup has been memorized. There is nothing quite like getting ready for a festival. Nothing is as exciting as being surrounded by good music, good friends, and good vibes. However, packing for the festival can add stress to this otherwise blissful situation. Paranoia about forgetting something essential is to be expected. We know you won’t forget your hoops, but what about everything else you’ll need for the adventure? This article breaks the festival necessities into the main categories to take into consideration when packing so that your preparation will go as smoothly as possible. Making memories will be easy and fun if everyone is properly prepared!

1. Camping Supplies

Let’s start with the absolute essentials. You need a place to sit and sleep. Along with the tent (and whatever materials are necessary to set up said tent), pack some extra sleeping bags, blankets and pillows. I’ve found that a mattress topper makes a great travel bed as you can lay it across the trunk of your vehicle and put the rest of your supplies on top for the trip. Designate some blankets you don’t mind getting dirty as a sitting area, or, if sitting on the ground isn’t really your thing, bring some bag chairs along. These are easy to carry, and they’re actually very comfortable! Also, tapestries make a great addition to any campsite. They can set your area apart from the rest, make it easier to find, and give it some character. A torch couldn’t hurt either for late-night campsite locating!

2. Toiletries

Your entire arsenal of makeup, lotions and creams isn’t necessary. Focus on not forgetting the things you cannot go without, such as a travel toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen and deodorant (if you wear it. If not, that’s one less thing to worry about!) Bring travel bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash in a plastic bag if you plan on taking a shower, and if not, some baby wipes and some dry shampoo will do just fine! Bring lots of towels as well. You never know when these may come in handy beyond showering purposes. Speaking of never knowing, accidents happen, and a first aid kit is great to have for emergencies. Whatever you do, do NOT forget the toilet paper!

3. Sustenance

Purchasing food and drinks at festivals can be quite expensive, so coming prepared with your own can never hurt. Several cases of bottled water are necessary as you may need them for cleaning purposes in addition to drinking. It is extremely important to stay hydrated, especially if alcohol will be consumed. Fill a cooler with some ice and stock it with easy and quick meals and snacks such as sandwich stuff and canned fruits. Having some chips and other such munchies on deck isn’t a bad idea, either. If you want to get fancy, bring a camping stove and some extra gas canisters and cook yourself a real dinner. I personally never have the patience, but to each their own! Also, make sure to bring cups, plates and utensils if they’re necessary for what you will be consuming.

4. Electronics

Take a moment to think about every necessary electronic you will be bringing, including all your flow toys. What types of chargers and batteries are necessary for these? Make a list of every item and its necessary power source and check them off as you pack. If you’re bringing an LED hoop, make sure you’ve got fully charged batteries for it. If you plan to fire hoop, make sure you don’t forget your quick wicks and fuel. If your camera needs batteries, bring those, or bring its battery fully charged. Disposable cameras can be a great alternative! Maybe you’re also bringing a portable radio of some sort. Make sure you’ve got batteries for that as well. Bring several of the same type of flashlight with a certain color bulb or blinking pattern that everyone in your group can carry and use as a signal in case you get separated in the dark, and bring lots of the necessary batteries for those. Most cell phones also have flashlight features these days, so make sure you’ve got your portable chargers handy. Battery-operated fans and lanterns are also good things to have around when you’re relaxing at the campsite in the evening.


5. Clothes

You’ve probably already spent weeks preparing the perfect outfits for the sake of fun and photos. Don’t forget about the elements! You may have to change clothes for a number of different reasons such as unexpected temperature or weather changes, so account for that. Bring shorts, pants, tanks, long sleeves, dresses and a raincoat and rain boots just in case. Bring both light and heavy sleep clothes in case you get hot or cold. Sunglasses and hats will also help you beat the potential heat. And, last but not least, do NOT forget your socks and undergarments!

6. Personal Items

Once you’ve gotten all the human living essentials packed and ready to go, take a few moments to assess your personal situation. What do YOU absolutely need to ensure that your festival experience goes as smoothly as possible? Perhaps you hate wearing your hair down. Make sure you’ve got hair ties. Perhaps you get frequent headaches. Double check for your pain medication of choice. Perhaps you have other necessary medications such as birth control or anti-anxiety medicine. Triple check for those. Also, if the thought has ever crossed your mind, make sure to bring condoms. Better safe than sorry! Just as everyone will have a personal experience with the festival, everyone will have a personal experience with packing the essentials. Pay attention to yours.

7. Leave No Trace!

At the end of the festival, be kind to Mother Nature. Make sure to bring garbage bags and everything you need to be sure you don’t leave anything behind. Bring ash trays for your cigarette butts and plan where you will put your trash after loading your vehicle back up when you’re leaving. If at all possible, recycle whatever materials you can! It can’t hurt to give back to the world after the experience of a lifetime.


Artists and free spirits can be a bit forgetful at times, but this fact doesn’t have to prohibit you from being prepared. Dividing your packing into these categories can help you ensure that you have everything you need for the best possible festival experience.


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