Anna Fisher’s Impressive July Hooping

It is all the buzz around the internet and everyone is impressed by Anna’s video!  Anna lives in Australia, and her facebook page is: Filming and editing: Underground Media  Music: Midnight Terrain –... read more

Viscosity- Pippin and the Sharmat groovin’ with graffiti!

Pippin and The Sharmat is at it again, with a new video and style! Also known as Jackie Gajda, Pippin resides in the colorful and centrally located town of Columbia, Missouri. “Viscosity-  the property of a fluid that resists the force tending to cause the fluid... read more

Alien Moon Goddess Festival Performance by Katie Champlin

Katherine Champlin performs a dark and amazing piece for the “Wildwoods Music and Arts Festival Cosmic + Ali Laz” as an “alien moon goddess”. The video is by Kyle Rober and her Body Art was done by Alyssa Woodcock. Awesome video, Katie!!  The... read more

How To Hoop Like you Had Years of Formal Dance Training

Do you want to appear as if you had years of dancing classes when you were younger – even if you never stepped foot inside of a studio? I took some classes as a kid, but I never stayed in them for very long. I was sort of a quitter most of my life. I quit dance,... read more


The Spinsterz




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The last tutorail you sent me  is exactly what I was looking for.  The images speaks so well . Very clear and helpfull to understand. I don’t know why, mabe the colors of clothing vs colors of the hoop allow me to see and understand every moves and where the hoop is placed on the body and how it reacts to the movements. The angle of the video shoot is also excellent and offers a good view of movements and reactions of the hoop.  I appreciate sincerly, especially that where I live there is no hoop ressources for me but the internet ! You are a great source of inspiration  !

Nathalie Galant 

Hooptricks is such an awesome site! It has everything a flow artist can imagine from a list of sponsorship opportunities, tutorials, helpful hints, amazing videos of such talented hoopers and more. It’s a very helpful site and well organized so anything you’re looking for is easy to find. They even have an option to purchase flow toys, which is amazing, too. All in all this site is 100% in my book and so so helpful.

Ashley Desantis-Prenatt

Hoop Tricks is a wonderful resource of media for hoop journeyers of all skill levels! Not only do they feature hoopers that are inspiring to watch, but they also have many articles I find very useful. For instance, as an environmentalist, I have been troubled by the plastic waste associated with the recent popular of hula hoops. But, wouldn’t you know it, Hoop Tricks already has a page dedicated to creative ways to reuse old hoops! Hoop Tricks gives out only positive vibes and truly is a brand that nurtures the hoop community.

Melissa Daly

The Hoop Tricks Community was the first hooper community I found online, when I received my first email from Brandon and the personal level it was on was one of the first time I realized how close knit the hooping community is! The support, advice on tricks and emails with tutorials attached have helped me immensely in my hoop adventure!

Lenore Verdi


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