Hoop Tricks Is Merging Into The Spinsterz!

Hoop Tricks Is Merging Into The Spinsterz!

A story of how Hoop Tricks was created, where it has been, and where it is going! The Spinsterz, which is my primary business, decided to use a little bit of its revenue and start a blog called Hoop Tricks. The blog was founded in 2009 as a place for hoopers to come to learn new tricks, read articles, and learn more about hooping than they may have ever needed to know! As I was writing and adding content to Hoop Tricks I continued to work hard on The Spinsterz as Hoop Tricks was not supporting itself financially. In 2012 I took a break from Hoop Tricks and diverted my energy from an online space, into a physical space. I wanted to connect more with my local community so I did a fundraiser and over the course of 30 days I raised $10,000 which funded the Bend Circus Center. Bend Circus Center is a training facility for kids and adults who want to learn and improve their circus skills, balance, self-confidence and fun factor! Bend Circus Center is still running and doing well, bringing a lot of joy to people lives in the Bend Oregon area. Once the circus center was on it’s feet and running smoothly I dove back into Hoop Tricks head first with the intention of growing it substantially. I did a site re-design, hired a bunch of dedicated writers that were passionate about hooping, began a very active and popular instagram feed and really put a lot of time, energy and money into it. Hoop Tricks, though it has a very active community does not...

Hoop Away That Extra Baby Weight!

Have you recently had a baby? You have been working out really hard and exercising, but there is that last little bit of fat around your tummy. No matter what you do it won’t go anywhere! Well, look no further. I have found a couple videos that will blast the fat and leave you feeling hoopy and happy! Enjoy! First things First EXERCISE!!!!   If you haven’t started some sort of workout routine than you need to! It can be anything! I have two little boys (3  and 1 years old) and it was difficult to get back in the swing of things. I was busy being a wife, new mom, and also going to school for Geology. I started going to Zumba (which I highly recommend). I was also doing a couple other routines (weights, hiking, exercising) however, I just couldn’t shake that last little bit of weight around my tummy. I’m not overweight- I just wanted to get toned back up, as I’m sure all of you do too! So get your booty up and moving! Extra bonus- when you exercise with your baby, they act as a weight and you get to spend time together! Now What? Go find your hoop silly! Any hoop, any size (the smaller the hoop the more you will be working your core). If you don’t have one, go to K-mart or the Dollar Store and buy one (for less than $5), drain out the beads or water and voila! You’re good to go! If it is a new hoop, make sure you’re comfortable with it; it will just make it... read more

LED Hooping Over Bristol Backdrop by Ji-Young

Philosokitty uses the reflection in her window and the view from her window together to gather this footage of her LED hoop! What a creative idea!   Song in the video is “Rover” by Royce Wood Junior... read more


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The last tutorail you sent me  is exactly what I was looking for.  The images speaks so well . Very clear and helpfull to understand. I don’t know why, mabe the colors of clothing vs colors of the hoop allow me to see and understand every moves and where the hoop is placed on the body and how it reacts to the movements. The angle of the video shoot is also excellent and offers a good view of movements and reactions of the hoop.  I appreciate sincerly, especially that where I live there is no hoop ressources for me but the internet ! You are a great source of inspiration  !

Nathalie Galant 

Hooptricks is such an awesome site! It has everything a flow artist can imagine from a list of sponsorship opportunities, tutorials, helpful hints, amazing videos of such talented hoopers and more. It’s a very helpful site and well organized so anything you’re looking for is easy to find. They even have an option to purchase flow toys, which is amazing, too. All in all this site is 100% in my book and so so helpful.

Ashley Desantis-Prenatt

Hoop Tricks is a wonderful resource of media for hoop journeyers of all skill levels! Not only do they feature hoopers that are inspiring to watch, but they also have many articles I find very useful. For instance, as an environmentalist, I have been troubled by the plastic waste associated with the recent popular of hula hoops. But, wouldn’t you know it, Hoop Tricks already has a page dedicated to creative ways to reuse old hoops! Hoop Tricks gives out only positive vibes and truly is a brand that nurtures the hoop community.

Melissa Daly

The Hoop Tricks Community was the first hooper community I found online, when I received my first email from Brandon and the personal level it was on was one of the first time I realized how close knit the hooping community is! The support, advice on tricks and emails with tutorials attached have helped me immensely in my hoop adventure!

Lenore Verdi


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